UCF Knights vs Oklahoma State Cowboys Observations

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Random thoughts and musings from the game (mostly)

Damn, that felt good

We ALL needed that one, especially the guys on the team

We legitimately controlled that game from start to finish

And finish is not a word we’ve said a lot this season

But hopefully we are finished with this losing nonsense

Demari Henderson. Have yourself a day kid

I think Corey Thornton might be a lock down corner

And I probably owe him an apology because I’m sure I used his name in vain at some point

This picture is great

How cool is RGIII? Seems like a good dude to hang out with

Oklahoma didn’t know that it rains in Florida? Amateur hour

It was great to have the top running back in the Big 12 playing at our stadium

Oh, and Ollie Gordon was there too

The Space U jersey auction should be interesting. Do they come dry cleaned? Or maybe just dry?

Fired College Football coach remains one of the best jobs in the world

I’m using a standing desk for work now… thoughts?

Now we are arguing if our field storming was good enough?

Watched the game with my son. After the first quarter he tried to move to a different seat in the house. A hard lesson had to be taught in that moment

Raise ’em right

Offensive line revolving door continued, but it worked so I’m not mad at it

Texas Tech opens as a 3 point favorite

Not gonna lie, for a minute I was low key pissed off that we didn’t play like this all year

This JRP’s best game at UCF? Or was regular season at Tulane last year better?

My Grandmother called me after the game and shared that she loved the UCF Space Uniforms

She’s a confirmed Citronaut truther (sorry Trace)

I love that the UCF defense heard all the noise and played with a chip on their shoulder

How are there only 2 regular season games left? Season goes by too quickly

I wonder if we are just going to redshirt Demarkcus Bowman at this point

Colton Boomer got a late hit out of bounds penalty – love it

Lee Hunter, beast

Jason Johnson, steady

Demari. Braden. And Nikai. The future is bright already

Also, please get their Kingdom NIL bags ready

The Baylor PTSD had me for awhile yesterday

Congrats to all of the Hall of Game inductees

Honestly, I believe all of them:

Trace Trylko. Texas Tech Podcasts guest. Collision Course

If you have to pick between these three, what do you do: Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Johns

You can’t get fined by the conference if you invite fans on the field as opposed to allow them to storm the field

You know what starts tomorrow

Serious question, if you get fired from your job but they owe you $72 million, are you upset?

I really hope the basketball team makes things fun this year

Transfer portal season is right around the corner. Brace yourselves

Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who served or continue to serve. We appreciate your sacrifice and thank you for your service

This was unexpected:

If you had to guess right now, is Scott Frost coaching somewhere next season?

You all ready for Gus to Arkansas rumors?

I still can’t believe this sequence of events

I don’t know how they do it, but the NFL witching hour almost always delivers

It’s another victory week, let’s enjoy the heck out of it

It’s time get weird in Lubbock

Bring on the Red Raiders

Be good to those who are good to you

And maybe even those who aren’t

Go Knights

Charge On

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