UCF Knights vs Boise State Observations

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Quick and random thoughts from the game-ish

First, prayer hands to John Rhys Plumlee. Let’s hope for the best

Also, how was that not targeting?

Road wins are tough, you take them anyway you can get them

Offense looked good for most of the night

I think we got a little too cute in the red zone a few times

FS1 announcers just don’t call games on-site huh?

The blue field doesn’t always play well on TV

Seems like Boise fans were super nice, which is awesome to hear

I remember meeting some Boise folks in Orlando in 2021 and they seemed like a good fanbase

Is Mike Prater going to be OK?

Per our friend Dali Drama, this is Gus Malzahn’s first win not in the Eastern or Central time zone

The Knights lead the nation in total offense and rushing offense, which I think is good

Looks like the Johnny Richardson falls down randomly during a game streak is reset back to zero

That game gave me a headache

Nikai Martinez’s pass breakup on the two point conversion will be forgotten over time, but shouldn’t be

Really excited to be working with Bolay this season

You can miss me with all the “he hit him with his shoulder” crap on JRP’s injury

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an INT like the ball thrown to Javon Baker in the end zone

It literally looked like he shovel passed it to him

Wait, is it shovel pass or shuffle pass?

Paging Corey Gammage

Let’s also hope RJ Harvey isn’t hurt too bad, looked like he tweaked a hip

Mel Tucker, nice knowin ya

Houston and Texas Tech start poorly, is this good news for us?

I’m confused, does Idaho have potatoes or not?

UCF Mike had quite a weekend on Twitter

I’d love a college football red zone channel

Malachi Lawrence looked super quick getting around the edge. I’d love to see more of him

I randomly caught myself thinking about CostSeg Advisor and how much he would love everything that is going on. Miss you, James

I had a prop bet that Alec Holler would get more that 19.5 receiving yards. He got 16

BTW, Villanova is 2-0 this season after beating Colgate

Mad respect to all of the people who traveled to Boise – you could hear UCF Knights chants multiple times on TV

Same goes for the media – Trace, Brandon, and Matt from OS. Respect sirs

I heard somebody say that reading this column last week was painful. Whoever you are, I hope you are OK

Seriously, I know it wasn’t pretty, but it was a dub, and that is what matters

Is there a more likable kid than Colton Boomer?

The dude is polite, respectful, funny, introspective, and can drill a football. Plus he has great hair

It’s been great having Coach Lounsberry on the show with us – he shared this nugget on the latest episode

Scott Hanson literally looks like he doesn’t age

For some reason watching Colton Boomer hold that tiny mic during his press conference made me laugh

Why did it take the refs so long to review that play in the first half?

Cocoa High School and former UCF QB Ryan Schneider got screwed

Again, positive thoughts for JRP

I love how Drop makes himself laugh during press conferences… keep having fun

We’ll talk about the offense, but the defense made plays when needed

We’re on to Villanova

Go Knights

Charge On

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