Off the Cuff: Planning for UCF’s 2024 Football Season

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The 2024 UCF Knights football schedule has officially been released and it looks to be a good one.

For UCF fans, this is a favorable schedule and should garner some excitement. Let’s hit some points as to why.

UCF and Florida meet in the regular season

This is a big opportunity for the Knights. Before 2024, the last time the two played was in 2006 and it was ugly. UCF wasn’t very good that year and Florida won a national championship. 42-0. Boy, have things changed. UCF defeated Florida in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl. While Gator fans threw out one excuse after another, with the game in the regular season, the Knights have an opportunity for a win that even Feinbaum might have trouble excusing.

UCF defeated Florida in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl. Photo by Andrew Gluchov

Reasonable travel schedule

Last year, the Knights had five conference road games. This year, they only have four and it’s a reasonable batch. They travel to TCU in Fort Worth, Iowa State in Ames, Arizona State in Tempe, and West Virginia in Morgantown.

Arizona State is the furthest away game, but it’s later in the year. There’s a better chance of a mild weather game here at that time than in Ames, Iowa. UCF travels to Iowa State in mid-October. While going to West Virginia in late November could be cold, it’s a shorter trip than Iowa State. The Knights only travel west of Texas once in 2024 and their matchup with TCU is on the eastern side of the state. Despite being on a geographical island, this year will keep the travel miles more limited.

UCF will travel to Fort Worth, Texas to face TCU. Photo by Andrew Gluchov

It also helps that the season is pretty balanced. It’s not too loaded with home or away games on either half of the schedule.

Some big home games

The layout of the 2024 season gives UCF some big home games that should excite fans. UCF’s home conference opener is against Deion Sanders and Colorado. It’s the fourth game on the schedule and the third home game, so there should be a lot of buzz for this game. It will be UCF’s first game against Colorado. Along with the Buffalos, UCF will host Arizona and Utah for their first-ever matchups. Utah is expected to be one of the top teams in the conference. If everything goes well for the Knights this Black Friday matchup could end up being a big one. Two years ago, UCF hosted Cincinnati and won a close one as part of the Space Game series. Arizona will have the Space Game honor this year as the next mission will happen on November 2nd. Cincinnati will end up being the salute to the military game. Will we still have to hear about their Cincinnati sauce? BYU will be the opponent for the homecoming game. Stay tuned!

There you have it, folks. The 2024 UCF Knights football schedule is out and the countdown to the next season begins. To appetize our palette, we have spring football coming up before the summer lull.

Now, enjoy UCF’s schedule release video. If you don’t want to watch it, here’s the boring version.

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