UCF Knights vs West Virginia Mountaineers Observations

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Random thoughts from the game (mostly)

This one is going to be a bit different, so apologies in advance

West Virginia beat us on the field

West Virginia beat us in the stands

West Virginia beat us on the concourses

West Virginia beat us in the bars

Just all around an embarrassing day

After the game I went to the bathroom and enjoyed about 30 WVU fans singing “Country Roads” while at the urinal

And there was nothing I could even say, because they earned it

What was I gonna say, “At least our coach has a long term contract!”


Make no mistake about it, WVU fans took over multiple sections of the stadium. Kudos to them for supporting their team

As for UCF fans, what do we do now?

Shaq was entertaining though

Although, let’s be honest, he has no idea what any of those knobs on the board do, right?

“Today is the day West Virginia dies” certainly didn’t age well for Shaq

On the way into the stadium they were handing out free bottles of Coke. They should have handed out something stronger

I loved that on the onside kick we had a guy kick it a second time and try to recover. Reminds me of this:

Appropriate we had ducks on our helmet decals, because we laid an egg

Wait, do ducks lay eggs?

Speaking of eggs, diet starts tomorrow

I brought my kid to this game, so Gus or somebody at UCF owes me money for the future counseling he is going to need after watching that mess

UCF Mike took the Brightline, and loved it. In fact, I suspect more people are looking forward to hearing about the Brightline than the actual game

Don’t blame them, frankly

I genuinely think we have some good people on this team and in our program

There are guys on the team who will go on to be GREAT people. Pillars of the community, business leaders, family focused

Some of these coaches are also GREAT people who care about their players and represent UCF well

But, let’s face it, right now, this collection of players and coaches just aren’t the right mix

Again, individually, good players and people. But collectively, a mediocre and inconsistent football operation

Blame starts at the top – and in my opinion, it is fair to have lost faith in Gus as a general manager and as a coach/strategist

And yes, in 2023, your head coach is also basically a general manager

Best part of the day, hanging with the fellas:

Also, Myles is a UNIT. Dude is legit 6’5″, 250 pounder

How could you not love the guys who do the Raspy Voice Kids podcast? Passionate, funny, and fair. Check them out

Shout out to the guy walking up the stairs in 229 who was enthusiastically singing “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys when it was playing in the stadium

You read that correct, we played the Backstreet Boys. I feel like UCF is an *NSYNC school anyway

Speaking of *NSYNC, our run defense is the exact opposite

Javon Baker, how does that happen AGAIN?

I hope somebody at The Kingdom is preparing that Malachi Lawrence bag

Turns out JP Gilbert was right all along

Speaking of JP, when talking to my 11 year old about the UCF game, he said to me: “we used to be a proper football team”

Maybe he should replace Gus?

Is there any chance that the Gus contract extension kicks in NEXT season (2024), meaning if we fire him THIS season (2023), we don’t owe the buyout?

Is Jalon Daniels pulling a D’Eriq King at Kansas?

After the game they let fans on the field. Understandably, there were no players out there. As we were walking off, I saw that one player had came back out to talk to fans and take pictures

Any guess who that player was? I’ll reveal the answer shortly

Let Whittemore cook was an actual thing I said out loud at the game

Do you still want Gus as your head coach:

Pick one:

Can we beat Cincinnati?

I want to send a shout-out to all of the people who have joined to help us provide you more UCF content and coverage: Dali Drama, Brian W Peterson, Myles, Eric Lopez, Jeff Allen, Andrew Cherico, and Stat Boy Drew. And of course, Trace and Mike. You all make this thing fun, even when it’s not fun

Also, special shout out to my 90 year old Grandmother, who reads this column every week. Love you Gram!

Turns out Mikey Keene really wanted that Lazy River

This is not meant to be an excuse, but Big 12 officiating has been interesting

Considering the current state of the program, do people want our content to be more positive or more negative?

The player who came back out on the field

What a super nice kid. Thanks Colton!

Are we the only college that doesn’t play “Mo Bamba” in stadium during the game?

Honest question: I know fans want accountability for the results, what kind of accountability would be acceptable for you?

Maybe this:

Will somebody text this article to UCF Mike since his Twitter days appear to be over

Rest in Peace to Matthew Perry

What does everybody think of Turkey burgers?

I don’t think we saw a direct snap or non-QB attempt a pass on Saturday. Progress?

I also heard that some areas of the stadium ran out of food, beer, or water. If true, how does this keep happening?

No matter what Knight Nation, let’s not turn on each other. Like it or not, we all signed up for this and we are in it together

But we should want and DEMAND better from our program

The regression has to stop, and I’m waiting for our school leaders and power brokers to acknowledge that fact, and be transparent about a tangible plan forward

We are on to Cincinnati

Spend some time this week doing something positive

We’ll be here when you get back

Go Knights

Charge On

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