UCF Knights vs Texas Tech Observations

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Random musings from the game (mostly)

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before

So close, but can’t quite pull it off

2023 in a nutshell

I also love how Gus calls everything a “tough deal”

Demari Henderson, life comes at you fast

Refs get paid by the flag in this game?

Basketball playing at 8pm on a Sunday is dirty work:

I hope Tyson texted his brother about that shovel pass before halftime

Prayers up for Jordan Travis

Some people are going to be very mad about this

I also don’t think the team was extremley excited

You know what the U in UCF stands for?

Unforced errors

You know what the J in Javon Baker stands for?

Just go deep

I love that this is an actual picture of Mario:

Colton Boomer position switch?

Confirmed: I’ll be at the Houston game

The Mark-Antony Richards situation is so interesting to me. Won us the ECU game in 2021, hasn’t seen consistent PT since

And yes, I know he was injured in 2022

We talk a lot about JRP’s accuracy. Not sure we talk enough about his decision making

Panera Bread out here killing people

Tylan Grable had a rough afternoon

That Mitch McCarthy flip could have been disaster

Each week I wonder if FS1 or FS2 have ever broadcast a game before

Much respect to CJ Walker:

Not sure it is wise to start the diet on a holiday week, so diet starts next week

Is there a reason we wore Gold/White/Black for the last three road games? Don’t give me that supply chain nonsense

Are you nervous or excited about the transfer portal?

Former UCF coach Dino Babers was fired… only 5 of you will get this joke:

Tahj Brooks is a grown man

The Ale House Zinger Mountain Melt is like 2000 calories but delicious


I can’t wait for people to realize this isn’t the most scandalous thing Clarissa Thompson has been apart of

It could be worse?

It seemed like UCF got no pressure on the QB yesterday

I’m sorry, but “Turkey Trot” is the laziest event marketing slogan out there

I don’t know what a catch is anymore:

Look, we are dumb for even trying it, but on the shovel pass play, the Texas Tech defenders hit the ball after the play to prevent it from being spotted. Should have been a penalty

Visiting teams at Texas Tech should get a free 2 points for having their locker rooms in portables on top of a slope

Does everybody remember that UCF is in the NCAA Soccer Tournament?

Can we beat Houston?

Senior Day is confusing now that there 5th and 6th year options

Speaking of, happy 3rd Senior Day anniversary to Alec Holler

The NCAA is dumb for what they are doing to James Madison


I know it’s kinda meaningless, but I really want a bowl game

We only get 12 games a year, so if I can get one more, I’m gonna take it

Season goes by too quickly

I’m convinced that Gus hates my liver

Let’s send the Seniors out with a win

A big thanks to everybody who supports the Sons of UCF

We are thankful that you let us into your life

On behalf of Mike, Trace, Myles, Dali, Brian, Jeff, Andrew, Drew, and myself, have a great Thanksgiving

Be good to yourself and your loved ones

And let’s kick some ass on Saturday

Go Knights

Charge On


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