UCF Knights vs Oklahoma Sooners observations

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Random thoughts or musings from the game (mostly)

This is a tough one to write

On one hand, we played much better and that is encouraging

On the other hand, we absolutely could have won that game

ABC shows way too many commercials

Malachi Lawrence is a dawg. Can’t wait to watch him continue to work

Is it just me, or did it look like our offensive plays were slow to develop?

Speaking of dawgs, JRP looked sick as one in the post game presser. Makes his performance pretty impressive all things considered

Shoutout to this guy

Apparently Sunday October 22nd is National Tight Ends day… who decides these things?

D-Block showed up on Saturday. Now, we need to bottle that up and use it for the rest of the season

That PI call on Corey Thornton was some absolute and total bullshit

Looking back on it now, it allowed Oklahoma to kick a FG, which turned out to be pretty important

The shovel pass throw JRP made to Randy Pittman was such a good play

Pittman also looked really good on Saturday. It would be great if we can get him more involved

Fair assessment of Gus?

Sorry, but I’m just not a fan of asking a player to do something they don’t usually do in key moments of the game

And yes, I would have said the same thing if it worked – although I would have been a lot happier

Oklahoma spent a lot of time in our backfield on defense. I’d like that not to happen again

Brian W. Peterson was told he is one of the top 3 most negative people on UCF Twitter. Who are the other two?

I’m not a moral victory guy, but am I allowed to be encouraged that we seemed to play much better and hope we can continue that?

Diet starts tomorrow

The early kickoff time opens more hours for drinking

Brian Hoyer is still in the NFL? Please explain

With 13:01 left in the 4th quarter, we got the ball back at our own 15 yard line up 23-17, and this is what we did:

  • 1st down, RJ Harvey rush, -1 yard
  • 2nd down, Johnny Richardson, 2 yard rush
  • 3rd down, JRP incomplete pass to Xavier Townsend
  • 4th down, 48 yard punt by Mitch McCarthy

Oklahoma proceeded to march down the field and score a TD, 24-23 Oklahoma

Is it weird for left handed people to always have to shake hands with their right hand? Has anybody ever done a left-handed hand shake?

On a personal note, my daughter made the varsity soccer team at her high school. I’m really proud of her

This is a really bad logo:

Looks like Texas Tech is going to Adidas next season

We really need this next recruiting class to hit

Gus said that we used one of our 2 point plays earlier in the game, so do we only have 2, 2pt plays?

It also seems like we are still having issues getting plays called in and lined up. Had to burn several timeouts as a result

Who came up with the signal for resetting the play clock?

Our punter averaged 39 yards per, theirs averaged 51 yards

Do we call him DJ Diesel or Shaq?

Let’s take it out on West Virginia this weekend

Jarrad Baker got a lot more playing time on Saturday

UCF only had 51 penalty yards, which I think it the lowest total of the season

I saw Marcus Jordan give the basketball team a shopping trip to his store. Now I need him to put that Jumpman logo on our uniforms

Just a heads up, The Sons of UCF podcast will now be focusing on antiquing

UCF opens as a 6 point favorite against West Virginia per Circa Sports

Did Mark Antony Richards replace Jordan McDonald as the “big” back?

Also, Jordan McDonald. Transfer portal. Collision course.

You know what the T in Tre’Mon Morris-Brash stands for? Tackle for loss

I was really hoping for a Dillon Gabriel pick 6

You know what the M in moral victory stands for? Mediocre

I think the Kingdom should auction off 2pt conversion play calling duties

Portal LB pickup? I also love the other security guard taunting the dude on the ground

Should coaches be allowed to throw a challenge flag on pass interference calls?

Will Caleb Williams play again this year? Should he play again this year?

An NFL team is starting Desmond Ridder at QB

RJ Harvey had a whale of a day running the ball

Nikai Martinez probably laid the hit of the year so far for the Knights

I feel like the West Virginia game will come down to which team makes the least mistakes

Let’s go have a week

Drink water, spend some time outside

And most importantly

Charge On


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