UCF Knights vs Kansas State Observations

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Random thoughts from the UCF game (mostly)

Damnit man, we were in that one

Johnny Richardson might need to get more touches

Timmy can sling that thing. The throw to Kobe was a beaut

Will Howard was always going to play, right?

Too many yellow things fell on the field

The Dolphins put up 70 points?!??

Why is it called a Flea Flicker?

Diet starts today

Are things falling apart at Baylor?

Am I the only weirdo excited about the Ryder Cup?

I think Timmy did fine, no need to overreact

Why aren’t we all using Nugenix? I mean, it works for Frank Thomas, Doug Flutie, and Andy Van Slyke

Linebacker play looked a little shaky on Saturday

You put in a waiver claim for De’Von Achane didn’t you?

Best thing about the K-State loss? Nobody realized Men’s Soccer lost at Marshall too

Basketball schedule gets released on Tuesday. You’ve been warned

I’m already sick of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Sounds like UCF fans really enjoyed the Little Apple. Awesome to see

Really Dallas? Arizona? GTFOH

You know what the L in Lokahi stands for? Leader

I’d love to see us spread the ball around more on offense. So much talent there

The announcers totally jinxed Colton Boomer

That series at the start of the 4th quarter was a back-breaker

Your life is about to change sweetheart

Yes, the penalties were bad, but there were also a lot of missed tackles

Timmy seems to always throw the boundary screen pass low

Serious question, do we win that game if it was played at home?

Randy Pittman got his first career start, but got no targets

Drop has to be smarter than that. Killer penalty

Why does it seem like a Wendy’s commercial is on every 4 minutes?

Ticket prices for this weekend are healthy

I stopped looking at the Pool Tracker results

For some reason this game gave me 2021 Louisville game vibes

I’m no expert, but I think we need to tighten up the play calling operation

Same damn crew again this weekend

We can all agree that Monday’s are the worst, right?

Did they play Zombie Nation this weekend? I’m waiting for the Kansas St AD to tweet an update. Stay tuned

I don’t exactly know what it means, but I think we need to set the edge better on defense

Important update: I think 8pm kickoff times are the worst. You wait around all day, and if your team loses, you have to then try to go to sleep. I do like a good pre-game afternoon nap though

What is the best diet plan out there? Keto? Mediterranean? IF?

This is a great cause, please consider donating

Corey Thornton read the tweets. That was a sweet pick

If you have a coordinator press conference and nobody is there, did it really happen?

Speaking of picks, Timmy has to throw that ball out of bounce. Both times, actually

Essentia Water is the best out there and you can’t change my mind

I think Gus is one of the Top 5 coaches who look completely disinterested in talking to the media

You know what the K in Kobe Hudson stands for? Clutch, hopefully

Thanks for reading SonsofUCF.com

We’re on to Baylor

Charge on!

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