UCF Knights vs Kansas Jayhawks Observations

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Random thoughts and notes from the game (mostly)

No way to sugar coat it, that was ugly

Honest question, should JRP have been playing?

And then, he hears a “pop” – time to sit

Wendy’s commercials are really annoying lately (sorry Brian)

Are we simply taking lumps, or is there something more going on?

I’m honestly asking because I don’t know

I started Puka Nuca and Cooper Kupp on my fantasy team – and it worked

I really hope the family section tickets are free:

Not trying to hide this week, but I’ll be out of town for work

Which means you won’t have to listen to me pretty much all week

A screen to the tight end on third and long is certainly a choice

Especially when you have a roster full of fast guys

I feel you, Matt Lee:

What is the State of Florida hierarchy for coaches who can recruit but also make dumb in game decisions? Cristobal. Napier. Malzahn. What’s the order?

Diet fell off this weekend, but luckily it starts tomorrow

UCF Basketball got a 5 star recruit? What’s the catch:

Am I the only one who feels like an alcoholic on recycling day? I left a note inside the can that says “I swear I’m OK, I’m just a UCF fan”

Is our defense just bad?

You can always count on UCF to make a bonehead special teams play at least once a year

Kansas played their backup QB

Who will start at QB vs Oklahoma?

Speaking of OU, so bittersweet watching Dillon Gabriel

Somebody watched JRP at practice all week and said, “he looks good to me” – do I have this right?

For any of you considering letting your kid play a travel sport – good luck with that! Hope you like the LaQuinta in random towns

l’ll ask the question I asked on Around The Kingdom this week – is Addison Williams in over his head?

I turned the TV off when the Hurricanes got the ball on offense because I assumed they would win. What a pleasant surprise on Sunday morning

What is the best seat on an airplane? Window, Aisle, or Middle?

If you said middle, please stop reading now because we can’t be friends

I appreciate Gus saying that things “are on me”, but start telling me how we are going to fix it

Why on earth did over 30,000 people read this tweet:

I feel like cornerback has actually been a bright spot on defense

After 6 games, is it fair to say that we struck out on our portal class this year?

Will the West Virginia game be a sellout?

Something just doesn’t seem right when Timmy McClain drops back to pass

What color shoes and belt do you wear with blue dress pants?

There is a lot going on here:

Sunday is the worst day of the week, argue with me

I need another Lightmode game because I’m now going to associate those uniforms with this debacle

It’s not even like I can look forward to basketball season

Maybe Softball?

Honest question, are football coaches the most stubborn creatures in the world?

Even if we made a change at defensive coordinator right now, would it actually matter?

I’m already scared for the December transfer portal window

The Fox announcers pretty much just laughed at us for most of the game – can’t blame them really

We need to start recruiting large people

If you could make one change for UCF Football right now, what would it be?

Do you like to get a shampoo when you get a haircut? Always feels weird to me

Mikey Keene left injured on Saturday, hope he is OK

Do people still eat at Subway?

These last three weeks have been a kick in shins

Let’s all have a week – take care of yourself and your mental health

Drink water

Complete one selfless act

On to bye

Much love, y’all

Charge On

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  1. dan cundiff

    It’s all up from here Adam. Probably LOTS of Portal moves in the offseason, or better said, there needs to be to build lines on both sides of the ball, in my old man opinion.

    It’s going to take 1-2 more years to be competitive on a regular basis.


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