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Random musings from the game (mostly)

Now that was more like it

Not perfect, but a solid, solid win

I didn’t realize it at the time, but JRP only had 4 incomplete passes

We need to start an investigation on why a holding penalty is called every time Mark-Antony Richards has a long run

Fired football coaches season is in full effect today across the country

This is interesting for a few reasons. Curious what the reaction will be:

RJ Harvey keeps doing it

Also, I think we’ve already forgotten how money Isaiah Bowser was for UCF in 21-22

Houston does indeed have a problem now:

Who do we want in a bowl game?

Corey Thornton should get some votes for defensive team MVP

I get it, but let’s take it a little easy on Boomer

Is there a reason why the Big 12 refs chose to not call three very obvious personal foul penalties against Houston?

These next two weeks in college football are gonna bring some chaos. Buckle up

Celebrity sighting:

The Ryan Seacrest of the UCF media group. This guy has like 13 jobs:

Think what you want about SJ Tuohy, but you gotta respect him answering questions

And just to be clear, I think anybody who is able should support The Kingdom

If you are unsure why, reference the line above that talks about the chaos weeks coming

Javon and RJ getting announced last and out of order on Senior Knight was interesting:

Let me send a big thanks to Trace Trylko. He attended every game this season and provided us all some great coverage

Interesting observation – UCF hasn’t “technically” fired a head football coach since 2003. I wonder where that ranks amongst the longest streaks in CFB

It also sucks that we’ve lost 2 coaches to other jobs in that same time

I know LB play hasn’t been great all season, but we are going to miss Jason Johnson and Walter Yates III

That Auburn loss… wow

Oklahoma State could win the Big 12, and we smoked ’em

Not sure if this makes me happy or sad

Watching the Senior Knight ceremony made me realize how much talent and depth we could be losing next season

And that is before you factor in the underclassmen who enter the portal

Knugget was in the house:

I took my 10 year old nephew to his first UCF game. It only took him a quarter to get all of the fan cheers down. Impressive work

Ran into the man, myth, and legend that is Carlos McCants the night before the game

He smelled terrific

If there was a service I could subscribe to that gave me access in real-time to hear coaches and players mic’d up, I would sign up immediately

Maybe that is an idea for The Kingdom

You know what the X in Xavier Townsend stands for? Extra effort:

Shoutout to Sidelines UCF @SSN_UCF and Jim Marshall for giving us access to their great photos:

Overall the crowd was fairly impressive on Saturday. And it was certainly loud when it needed to be

But, and I hate to be this guy, we might have to re-evaluate the north end zone section. Pretty empty again

Mike Palmer having a man cave and a fun room is impressive

I’m gonna need somebody from UCF stadium operations to call me so I can help them figure out the beer/seltzer selection and quantity for next season. This is an area where I can add value

Not having an actual broadcast feed of the UCF mens games in St Augustine was ridiculous

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend

Now, we wait for bowl news

Sons of UCF will have you covered

Take care of yourselves

And be nice to your neighbors, because the holiday season can be tough for some people

Go Knights

Charge On

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