UCF Knights vs Cincinnati Bearcats observations

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Random thoughts and musings from the game (mostly)

It feels good to be back in the win column

Haven’t been able to say that since September 16th. Let that sink in

You know what the R in RJ Harvey stands for? Runs like a grown ass man

It could be worse, Scott Satterfield could be our head coach?

We all see what you are doing here Gus:

Do you ever wonder how they came up with football penalty signals? Like, somebody explain the safety signal to me?

You know what the J in JRP stands for? Just enough to get it done

Hey FS1, why do you insist on zooming in so much? I can’t even see a single receiver in the picture

Who is doing no shave November?

Anybody ever had a Spanakopita before?

3rd and 15th conversion was almost a back-breaker

Why on earth did Cincinnati try to throw for the 2pt conversion?

Gus (or Darin) love themselves a good swing pass on 3rd down, eh

There is money to be made out there if you have the balls:

I’m personally gonna blame the missed Boomer field goal on the fact that we had to snap the ball quickly to avoid a delay of game penalty

I’ll say it again, Big 12 officiating is quite an experience

I guess this is a prime example of “they read the tweets”

I’m sorry, but this is a hard no for me

How do we feel about daylight savings time?

It could just be me, but I don’t think making tackling optional is a winning strategy

Yes, I know it worked, but no, I still don’t love going Wildcat in crucial moments

Seems like we still haven’t really figured out what to do at center

Hard to believe there are only 3 games left in the regular season

It goes by too fast and too slow

Mario is braver than I am:

Nikai Martinez with a great INT. Let’s hope he is OK

I fear Ollie Gordon is going to do things to us

Can you imagine Michigan and Conner Stallions trying to steal Gus’ signs? There is no way they’d believe some of those play calls were actually real

Tre’Mon Morris-Brash feels like the kind of player that we don’t talk a lot about now, but we will miss him when he leaves

In the preseason I actually picked Demarcus Bowman as my offensive MVP.

Don’t believe me, Jeff Allen has the receipts here

Were people really mad about UCF walking out of the tunnel with locked arms?

I had some Sons of UCF stickers made, let me know if you want one

Diet starts tomorrow, but I did run a couple of miles today

OK State opens as a 1 point favorite:

FS1 also does a terrible job of showing replays

Ever wonder how people get really cool jobs? Maybe we need a podcast about this

Real question, you can’t spike the ball to stop the clock in shotgun formation, right?

Have I mentioned how much I like Malachi Lawrence?

I also really like Randy Pittman

Also, shout-out to Adrian Medley who started at LG yesterday, and appeared to hold his own

Love me a good fake punt, would have been better if we actually scored on that drive

I feel like UCF Football’s social media team has been waiting to empty the file for the last 6 weeks

If you go to Costco on the weekend you should get 10% off just for being brave

Post game press conference appears to have taken place in the Econ 101 classroom:

If we win out, will you consider this season to be a success?

That Dillon Gabriel Heisman talk was short lived

I’m gonna need 2 to catch and hang onto the ball

Happy Veterans Day to all of those who served. Thanks for your sacrifice

2024 in the Bounce House looks like it will be fun:

Please tell me this deal will come with some increased product offerings

Can you imagine where we would be without Jason Johnson?

What is the best brand of potato chips? I’ll start the bidding with Miss Vickie’s

Let’s keep the vibes positive and go for two in a row this weekend

And break out the Citronaut gear

Be kind to your neighbors this week

Do something nice for somebody

Get outside and enjoy the weather

We’re on to Oklahoma State

Go Knights

Charge On, always

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