UCF Knights vs Baylor Bears observations

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Random thoughts from the UCF game (mostly)

Probably like many of you, I needed a day to process

But, I’ve got no choice but to come to grips with it


Stop me if you’ve heard me say this before, but Johnny Richardson needs more touches

So much for rain, that sun was blazing hot

It’s not great if this is the play that is most talked about, right?

How the hell did we let that game slip away?

Would you ever pay $128 dollars for shorts?

Alumni Tailgate, you did better this week

Tried to get Bounce Berry Blast at Burger U. They had no idea what I was talking about

Do you think if I watched the game as a Toy Story broadcast I would feel better?

Why does Wawa have an angled covering over the gas pumps? Well, I was dumb enough to look it up

Got to meet Coach Lounsberry at Burger U, what a great dude

Drop had himself a ball game

This story is actually wild

I wish we could find a way to get Javon AND Kobe to have a good game

How was DJ Pauly D?

I thought the stadium was going to fall down after that Johnny TD run on the first play

My voice still hasn’t fully returned

UCFFanX listens to the show, confirmed

After that crazy Timmy McClain run around for 90 yards to pick up the 4th down, I assumed there was no way we were going to lose. Was I the only one?

Why do people send an email saying they haven’t had a chance to read your email but will respond later once they do?

Top 5 most annoying email phrases:

  • 5. Please cc me on that
  • 4. Could we meet about this email?
  • 3. Per your request
  • 2. Circling back
  • 1. I hope this email finds you well

Looks like we are trying to work Narcos in as a stadium song. I think I’m OK with that

Finally got to meet 2Letter2Words at the game. As I expected, he is a super nice guy

We need to find a way to keep Ricky Barber healthy

Can you imagine how much the legend of Colton Boomer would have grown if he made that kick?

I’ve said it before, in crucial situations it feels like Gus always tries to outsmart the other team rather than call something foundational

I swear wearing a white shirt adds ten pounds

In a related note, diet (re)started today

And, no, an empty student section did not cost us the game

And, yes, it would be great to get them to show up and stay for the whole game

Not an excuse, but IMO, the linesmen did a terrible job spotting the ball on a bunch of plays

Damn it was good to see that 2013 team back together. So many great memories

GOL told me I asked a dumb question. I think this is akin to getting baptized for us UCF people

Jimmy Butler, wyd?

What if we beat Kansas and Oklahoma? I’m just saying…

Another week, another new OL, albeit due to injury this time

Life comes at you fast, eh Miami Dolphins?

At least Mac Jones made my weekend a little better

In the transfer portal era, do you think it is feasible to have a really good backup QB that isn’t much of a drop off from your starter?

I assume the answer to the question I just asked above is: NIL

I’m pretty sure I pulled a UCFMike and forgot to close my tab at Burger U

On second thought, if the student section had been full maybe somebody could have jumped onto the field and tackled Jenkins as he returned that fumble. It would have cost us a penalty, probably land the student in jail, but save a touchdown

The only person I can guarantee would do what I just described above is Mario @lonelybeeUCF

USA got routed at the Ryder Cup

Johnny Richardson averaged 17.5 yards per carry vs Baylor. He can scoot

Shhhh… don’t say anything, but I’m not sure if that was a fumble that Demari Henderson recovered

My guy Miguel hooked it up with these stickers

I think Dali Drama and my 11 year old son became best friends on Saturday

Every game day I feel like UCF under-estimates the amount of booze people are willing to drink

On Saturday I realized my parking got moved to garage D. It was an unpleasant experience

Is this article getting too long? I can never tell

Rest in Peace Tim Wakefield

Heads up!

I was trying to find a UCF/Kansas connection. Outside of Eriq Gilyard, I got nothing

Except that other thing

BTW, Gilyard was playing for UCONN, but apparently isn’t anymore

Glad to have a new sponsor, Diriga, on board. They are a staffing company run by a UCF alum

Man, everything was set up for this past Saturday to be the things of legends

But, we’re on to Kansas

Be kind to yourself this week, you’ve probably earned it

Go Knights

Charge On

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