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Five things I’m looking forward to for the 2024 season

Summer is here, folks.  UCF has put a final wrap on its inaugural season in the Big XII in all of its major sports.  We’re less than 100 days away from the start of the 2024 college football season.  It’ll be here sooner than you think, and that got me thinking about all the best parts of football in the “State of Orlando.”   Here are the top five things I’m most excited about in the 2024 season!

Reuniting with UCF friends

Football seasons come and go, but friendships last forever.  Anyone who’s been to a UCF Football game, knows that game day brings sights, sounds, and fans!  To me, the best part about being on campus for a football game is the people.  Half the fun of a gameday (for yours truly) happens both before and after the game itself.  I can’t wait to hit campus, visit the Student Union, walk down Memory Mall, stop by the Alumni Center, spend all my money in the bookstore, grab a drink (or five), and see my fellow Knights’ fans that I haven’t seen since last season.  

On top of that, UCF fans get whipped up into a frenzy on social media.  Twitter (I’ll never call is ‘X,’ Elon…), Facebook, and fan forums light up with insight, discussions, guesses, and speculation.  It’s a fun time to soak in content on podcasts and YouTube.  There is always something UCF-related to “discuss nicely” about with anyone!


This season we have a new QB taking snaps for the Knights.  KJ Jefferson comes to us from Arkansas, where he saw moderate success playing against SEC defenses.  KJ is a big guy with a big arm.  If he can run the Gus playbook as well as the coaching staff is hoping, he could be a real weapon for the UCF offense.  Pair him with the Big XII’s best RB (yeah, I said it), RJ Harvey, and the Knights’ offense could be fun to watch.  I expect the Knights to be a run-first team, utilizing either RJ or KJ to keep the ball on the ground.  Let’s also not forget the weapons UCF has with Johnny Richardson returning and incoming transfer Peny Boone.  KJ has plenty of other weapons at receiver too, with the return of both Kobe Hudson and Xavier Townsend.  We’ve also heard some pretty promising things about Randy Pittman Jr. and Kylan Fox from the spring.  In all, the offense should be fun to watch.

Florida Game

If you asked me to pick ONE game for UCF to win (and lose all others) in 2024, I would pick the Florida game.  No game will have more anticipation leading up to it than when UCF travels to Gainesville, later this year (sorry Coach Prime).  This game’s outcome won’t change any perspectives of UCF or UF fans – UCF fans will still see UCF as the “future of college football” and UF fans will still look down their noses at UCF – BUT this could have major implications for the general talking heads and for future recruits.  When UCF beat the Florida Gators in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl, it set the stage for Gus and Company to push the narrative that recruits were just as well off (or better) playing for UCF, than UF.  This has helped the Knights land several years of greatly improved recruiting classes.  If UCF can beat Florida on their own turf, it may result in a seismic shift in the national perception of the Knights as a football team.  This game is a must-win in my eyes.

New Uniform Combos – Space Game Fun

Okay, let’s talk about a polarizing topic – UNIFORMS.  Some fans love them, and some couldn’t care less.  If you’re like me, you live for UCF uniform design.  I could talk for hours about colors, patterns, decals, logos, you name it.  But one thing that we can all agree on is that space is fun.  In 2024, UCF will unveil its eighth “SPACE U” design.  Last year, they went “full” Canaveral Blue (sans helmet) – Sorry Trace, we know you don’t like the blue – and it was fantastic.  Each year, UCF designers spend MONTHS coming up with the next iteration of the beloved Space Game uniform and each year, they unveil something completely new and exciting, while also honoring UCF’s connection to the space industry.  I’m excited to see what they’ve cooked up for 2024.

New Season – New Chance to Win a Conference Championship

The goal of any football team is winning their conference championship and advancing to the postseason.  The start of a new football season means another chance for UCF to hoist a trophy and add a “P4” trophy to their collection.  The Big XII is going to be a gauntlet this year.  Many teams have assembled strong rosters, plus the conference adds Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado, all of whom will hit the ground running.  UCF will have to stay healthy and play well to have a chance, but UCF could be a dark horse to win the conference in their second year as a member of the Big XII.  Don’t get too excited, as there is a long road ahead, but a new season means a new opportunity.  Let’s go get it!

Charge On!

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