UCF Knights vs Villanova observations

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TCB. Takin care of business

Seriously, that game went pretty much as well as it possibly could

Timmy looked nervous at first, but settled in nicely

That was a dime to Javon in the back of the end zone

Sounds like there were some connection issues in the stadium?

Once again, kudos to the crowd. Packed stadium for a FBS team is well done

Anybody have the new VIP Berry Bounce yet?

It’s always cool to see former players come back for a game

Aaron Rodgers is planning on playing in the playoffs? Excuse me?

Johnny Richardson runs like a toddler who did something wrong (h/t: JP Gilbert)

It is impossible to see anything else

Why is the NFL doing a Monday night doubleheader and the games are on at the same time?

Rough week in the Big 12

I think the TV broadcast was actually better without announcers

Is it just me or are the names on some of our jersey’s obnoxiously big?

Let’s hope Alec Holler is OK

Javon gets a block in the back penalty to wipe out a TD, and then scores on the next play. Chess not checkers

I like JRP with a beard

Now he learns how to play against Tulsa?

Print the shirts

Seriously though, how bad is Alabama?

Seems like we have a Zombie Nation controversy

Also, I love the research

Xavier Townsend is on his way to setting a record for returns being called back

92 yards, would have been a UCF record – brutal flag

I need Johnny Richardson to go to the Isaiah Bowser school of falling forward during a tackle

Do people still use Threads? @sons_of_ucf btw

Tommy balled against FSU – good for him

Heup lost to Sun Belt Billy?

Musical chairs on the offensive line this week it seems

UCF Mike really takes this Pool Tracker seriously

Can we get Timmy a belt (h/t: Nelson)

I LOVE that we didn’t have any turnovers

I agree with Dali, it’s time to start a conversation

50 days until basketball season… do what you will with that information

While watching the NFL I learned that Survivor is still on TV, who knew?

Defense was lights out in the first quarter

Braden Marshall might still be running if he caught that INT

Prize Picks, promo code Sons12

I’m still confused on what is happening with Corey Gammage. Another DNP this week

“Diet starts tomorrow” – every football fan after a weekend of debauchery

The Baylor kickoff is going to be at noon isn’t it?

I’m sure Villanova will get their revenge if we ever play them in basketball

John Walker played like a grown ass man

New addition to the stadium this season

How do we get called for offsides when we are kicking off?

Big 12 starts now – the Sons will have you covered all week with shows and features

We’re on to Kansas State

Go Knights

Charge on

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