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Random thoughts and musings about UCF Sports… mostly

The column you love to hate is back

If you are new here, no, this is not meant to make much sense

And also no, it is not in order. Please reference the word “random” from above

What happened to UCF Mike?

Also, what happened to UCF Baseball?

From Regional hopes to losing a series against the chili miners… bummer

Also, are you following Mptness4 yet? Best UCF baseball knower out there

Does anybody have video of this:

Is it just me, or is pretty much every NBA playoff game a blowout?

Congrats to noted popcorn lover Javon Baker

Also, shout-out to Andrew Cherico for one heckuva tweet

Speaking of Andrew’s, congrats to Andrew Gluchov on his new gig. Once a Son always a Son

Can we all agree the Shai and Chet “What a pro wants” commercial is annoying?

When you say “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy”, do you really mean it?

KJ Jefferson bringing back UCFast

It feels like we might be on the cusp of an impressive spring portal haul

I think we all owe a tip of the cap to Timmy McClain for his contributions to UCF

JRP working with Russ feels like kismet, no?

Spring practice was kinda boring, and that is a good thing

Time to retire the Citronaut racing a horse bit

Ted Roof seems like he’d give a legendary podcast interview

We might not have realized it, but we were witnessing a golden era of UCF Softball

I LOVE two Knights being picked up by my Dallas Cowboys

Serious note: your mental health is important, listen and take care of yourself

I keep forgetting that the Olympics are this year

I’m sorry, Jalen Brunson is annoying

Waiting on the annual UCF Knight to sign with Jacksonville tweet

I’m willing to guess that about 45% of you didn’t know who this was

The Atlanta Falcons draft like my 11 year old in Madden

Is Reggie Bush the first player to win the same Heisman trophy twice?

What is going on at Colorado?

I wonder if the person who came in second was disappointed:

Also, did UCF Mike come up with the name “sword award”

The Sons have some pretty cool interviews and content coming up in the next few weeks… stay tuned

I wish I was a better lawn guy, my grass looks terrible

Shoutout to Anthony Montalvo and Dylan Barnas as they begin the season with the Orlando Predators

If anybody out there has a connection to help the Sons make some shirts, hit up our DMs

RJ Harvey has been in that weight room

Make sure you are following Clay Pasco, dude is really talented

How do we feel about Marchelus Avery committing to OK St?

Diet starts tomorrow.. still

Break up the Stallions

What do we think about the Men’s Hoops roster so far?

Is riding an electric bike considered exercise?

BIG congrats to Eric Lopez

Wear sunscreen y’all

The Denver Broncos might have the worst QB room of all time

If you can name more than 6 current MLB managers, pat yourself on the back

Congrats to all of the upcoming Spring graduates

Really happy for Tre’Mon… he might be one of the last 4 year Knights we see

There is nothing cooler than getting to talk football with Coach Paul Lounsberry. UCF legend

All of us at the Sons thank you for letting us be a part of your life

Take care of yourself, and each other

Until next time… Go Knights

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