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Random thoughts from UCF’s 56-6 victory over Kent State in Week 1

I thought we got a new offensive coordinator

Seriously, didn’t we? Because the offense looked pretty similar to last year

Xavier Townsend is going to be special

Johnny Richardson ran well, and stayed on his feet

UCF stadium operations might have had the worst night of anybody

Good luck trying to get an Uber with new traffic patterns

And shout-out to my Uber driver Mark, he is a legend

Something seemed missing in the Cabana and in the Loge

Look, I’m a big Huey Magoo’s fan. But be warned that the stadium version wasn’t exactly what you get in the normal locations. Still good though

Why did we stop playing Zombie Nation? No disrespect to Narco by Timmy Trumpets, but Zombie just hits different

Are our defensive backs good, or was Kent State’s Qb not good. I’m still not sure if I know

DeJordan? More like Air Jordan. What an INT

Night and Day?

Everybody, meet Jordan McDonald. I think you are going to love him

Can we have a conversation about people who drive nondescript white Ford Explorer’s on the highway? For crying out loud, put something on the hood to let me know you aren’t a cop

Alumni tailgate might want to go back to giving out cans of beer. That keg thing didn’t really work out

Speaking of out. Lights up. Lights down. Lights out?

Can somebody tell me how to feel about the offensive line?

Brian W Peterson drove 2 and 1/2 hours to the game, cheered on his Knights, and then drove 2 and 1/2 hours home. Respect to you sir

Kudos to the guy in section 228c who stood the whole first half and yelled at people for not cheering rather than watching the game

Is it not possible to put an escalator in the Cabana?

I think JRP actually threw RJ Harvey open on that TD catch

You better memorize jersey numbers and names, because it’s impossible to see the names on the back of the KnightMode kits

Also, why does the number 1 in the new font look like a 7? I thought Corey Thornton was the first DB ever to wear #74

Surprised that Demarkcus Bowman didn’t see more playing time

Same with Decorian Patterson

In the postgame presser Gus said he thought about tackling JRP himself. If he did decide to do that, would it be a penalty?

Steve Helwick is a man of his word. He was circling the courts outside Burger U looking to make a poster

Is it really smart to use Colton Boomer on kickoffs? Why would we want to tire out his leg?

Met Kriston Esnard’s family at Burger U before the game. Good people, and thanks for supporting the Sons

Some of you just googled to figure out who Kriston Esnard is

Student section. Respect

A lot of true freshman got playing time last night, which I think is a great thing

TJ Bullard also got some PT late in the game. Happy for him – he’s a great kid. Glad he is a part of UCF Football

Rough go of it for UCF social media accounts. On second thought, maybe they had the worst night

Always fun when you get a rocket launch post game. You can’t say that at Purdue, can you?

How was the FS1 broadcast?

This team has some special players who can make special plays. I’m thinking this might make the difference in a few games this year

We won by 50. Did some good, and some bad. But 1-0

We’re on to Boise

Charge On

Also, check out this recap from Trace Trylko:

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  1. Cindy Kilgallon

    You took the words and questions right out of my mouth. Great summary, as always!

  2. ReJoyce Knights

    Can’t wait to read these this season!


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