How do you watch a UCF Knights Football Game?

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Everyone has preferences in life.  Some prefer cream and sugar in their coffee and others prefer black coffee.  Then there are a few, like me, who don’t drink it at all (I’m a monster, I know).  Some write emails directly from their phone and others simply MUST sit at a computer (I’m the latter).  But have you ever considered your preferred method of watching a UCF football game?  I’m guessing that most haven’t given it much thought.

Where and how you watch a game is, for most, typically the result of convenience and schedule.  “Life happens,” as they say.  Not everyone can mold their lives to the UCF Football schedule, which, as we know, is ultimately set by the TV gods.  Or tropical weather — I’m looking at you 2017 Georgia Tech, 2018 UNC, and maybe 2023 Kent State.  

Speaking of TV gods, I have bad news.  Expect UCF to be playing more noon games than you’re probably used to.  With us being the Eastern-most team in the conference that means we’ll probably be slotted with the noon time slot on TV more often than not.  Boo, yes I know.  If it were up to me all of our UCF football games would kick off at 7pm!  Unless you’re UCF Mike who wants games kicked off at 10am EST every week, so he can drink a Bloody Mary and move on with his day by 3pm. So, get your sunscreen ready and drink lots of water!

Let’s get back on topic.  Are you more comfortable sitting at home, watching from the comfort of your couch? Do you prefer to be bouncing along with fellow Knights in the stands?  How about a watch party at your local restaurant or pub?  

Personally, I absolutely abhor watching games alone.  I’m a naturally tightly wound-up person (If you know me that comes across as no surprise, I know).  If I’m left alone while the game is on, expect to find me standing, pacing, and generally not “enjoying” the game, even if it’s a (good) blowout.  I’m not interested in drinking and I have zero appetite in such a scenario.  My wife and kids know well enough to leave me alone when this happens.  When I do have a choice, I’m much happier when surrounding myself with Knights fans.  They distract me.  They see things that I miss.  They provide perspective.  They allow me to keep my spirits high, even when we find ourselves in “Kardiac Knights” scenarios.  As a result, I do my best to either attend games on campus or hit up a local watch party.  Luckily, I was in the stadium for the ‘17 War on I-4 and the 2018 conference championship.  I would have been absolutely ​MISERABLE during those back-and-forth games had I been watching alone.  Being in the stadium kept me sane and happy.  The outcomes probably helped, too!

On the flip side, I know plenty of fans who are the exact opposite.  They want to be left alone, in complete solitude.  Don’t talk to them.  Don’t get in their way.  They don’t care about your opinion and no they don’t want another beer.  They tune out the rest of the world once the first quarter starts and nothing will distract them.  Not food, not drink.  Maybe there’s a bathroom break during a stoppage of the game.  ​They are 100% focused on the game.  Social interactions be damned!  When I’m forced to watch a game solo, I’d almost rather not watch it.  It’s too stressful.  I have no support system!  If no other option presents itself, I have been, on occasion, known to skip watching the game and jump straight to the final score.  Rip the Band-Aid off quickly, so to speak!  I’m still a good fan, I promise!

​So, which option are you choosing?  Are you surrounding yourself or isolating yourself?  There is no right or wrong answer, of course.

Charge On!

About Brian W. Peterson
Brian W. Peterson | UCF Class of 2010 (B.S.B.A Accounting) Brian is a past UCF Student Body President (2009-2010) and former member of the UCF Board of Trustees. He’s also a practicing CPA in the State of Florida, Husband, Father, Professor, Dog-lover, and Wendy’s Connoisseur. Views are his own and not representative of the University. @BrianWPeterson on Twitter/X @BriWPeterson on Instagram

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  1. David Reid

    I like watching games on Tv a little better. I do have season tix however.

    If home, I like to dvr the game and watch a half hour in the past so can skim thru the first commercials. Then at halftime go do yardwork, swim in pool, then catch 2nd half behind on dvr.

    If the game is not going good for UCF I have found if I hit pause and then run a lap around the house screaming it sometimes will turn the game around.

    If watching with a friend. I’ll watch the game realtime. Maybe pause here in there for our own designated breaks.

    Gotta drink beer. Rule #1 though.

    If in a party atmosphere I’ll usually have the game on dvr and be more social during the game then come home and watch on my own couch with dvr remote.

    If going to game, tailgate an hour or two prior. Watch game live. Then come home after and watch on DVR.

    Sometime’s I’ll just watch the replay the next morning if I’m tired.

    I also listen to Marc Daniels pre and post game interviews. Also, listen to Marc Daniels at half.

    Go Knights!


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