Championship Weekend and Playoff Observations

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Random thoughts and musings from the college football world (mostly)

Can’t wait for that UCF and Duke re-match

Wait, what?

Can’t wait for that UCF and Duke re-match

Forget you read that

Can’t wait for that UCF and Georgia Tech matchup

The O’Leary bowl

It will give me an excuse to call GOL again, because the last time I did went so well

Thanks ACC for taking your sweet-ass time deciding bowl matchups

Actually, the blame probably lies more with Notre Dame

Turns out Oklahoma State was who we thought they were:

Hey Big XII, after watching that game this weekend, you sure RJ Harvey isn’t a better running back than Ollie?

Not sure why any of us would trust a committee chaired by a guy named Boo

Also, does this look like a room of people who would leave an SEC school out:

December 4th marks the official open of the transfer portal. I just hope both teams have fun

J/K, it’s gonna get wild, if it hasn’t already

Definitely sucks for Florida State. They probably got screwed out of an opportunity that they earned

I also don’t know that I feel sorry for them – or anybody – in that spot, considering what we went through

Also, the NCAA is completely broken

Is this guy OK:

Official announcement: I’m all in on Lemon Pepper wings. I might not go back

Diet started last week, btw

Do we like Jack Harlow? This song has kinda grown on me:

McMustache has all of the answers:

Things are churning again:

Real or fake Christmas tree?

Does Nick Siriani have the most punch-able face in the NFL?

We are doing a Bowl pick ’em challenge, be sure to sign up

With apologies to Matt Dolan, Iowa get off my TV until you learn how to find the end zone

Joe Flacco is still starting in the NFL. What a world

If this kid enters the portal, and by the way I have no idea what position he plays, let’s get him an offer:

With everything else going on, don’t forget that early signing day is coming up

Women’s Basketball team is off to a 7-0 start, how many of you had that?

College football bowl pick revelations during NFL Sunday is kinda inconvenient

Just so we are all clear, the justification for Liberty over SMU is the exact opposite of what was said about Alabama over FSU

Is the new move when you are angry about something to release a sternly worded statement?

I missed UCF not being involved in Championship weekend. Makes me realize how much we should cherish every year we get a shot

I also don’t miss Mike Aresco

This is pretty cool:

Thanksgiving dinner = overrated

In case you missed it, Tiger Woods played golf this weekend

Maybe FSU should schedule better teams? Or join a better conference? I’ve heard that somewhere before

Not once in my life have I ever had random Christmas Carolers at my house. Is that just a TV and movie thing?

TBF, I would also likely close the door on them

I’m really curious to see what some of our players decide about portal, NFL, or UCF. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks

Chef’s kiss:

I hate that it is dark outside at 5:05pm

Home Alone 2 is better than Home Alone 1. Fight me

Good on ya, KD:

Should I do this column year round?

I waffle between Mike McDaniel being cool and Mike McDaniel being annoying

What are we supposed to do between now and bowl season?

Let’s have a week, friends

Think positive thoughts, be good to yourself, and take time to breathe

Love to all of you who support what we do

You’ll see a bunch from us leading up to the bowl game

Go Knights

Charge On

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